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That was the hardest fuck I have ever had in my whole life Teenies Penelope Black. I could feel her hard nipples in the palm of my hand, She stood in front of me in her lacy black panties and stared down at me with those wanting eyes

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Gay Hairy 20170228 112109

, But the thought also for an over aroused slut like me was still quite deliciously exciting!

This and what they might do, left me so hot wet and turned on that any of the black men in the bar that night could have easily had there way with me!
There were no other women in this bar that night only me, and my husband was the only other white person! The drinks they had given me, I later found out were a combination of fruit juice Vodka, a muscle relaxer along with a powerful stimulant to increase my sex drive…. I could not see the mans face because of the bright lights, as he came around to the front offered me his hand and helped me up then looked me over? Once I could see him I was scared to death? The man was a county sheriff, western hat gun badge and all, but also, he was black! He was older and said did those boys hurt you? I was speechless unsure what to say naked dirty dusty and covered in cum

20170228 112109

Hardcore Sex 20170228 112109 18 Year Old

He smiled and placed it behind his head as he leaned against the tree behind him, Even though it was uncomfortable somewhat I was going to cum, and I was getting hotter, I was wet you could hear a wet sloshing noise coming from my wet little cunt

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Date: July 13, 2021