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She was about 5' 9, slender built with long blonde hair that flowed down her back to just above her butt, she used to be a model and her breasts were still firm and her skin silky smooth and fair Camgirls Gianna Michaels. She wrapped her long smooth legs around my head and pushed my face deep into her pussy as her body spasmed as she had her first orgasm,

I then got up and went back to kissing her, she was out of breath after the orgasm and her skin was on fire, I slipped my jeans off and positioned myself over her, giving her tits another lick or two and she smiled up at me

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Gay Doctor gia feet part 1

Ryan pulled his cock out and it was still spurting cum and it splattered all over Melissa’s tight little asshole and then he stuck it back in her pussy and came some more!

Melissa finally stopped bucking when she felt Ryan’s cock stop pulsating and she raised her pussy slowly of his cock and the amount of cum was incredibly!

It ran out like a river all over his cock!

Melissa was spent and I thought Ryan was too so we sat there and had a drink after Ryan and Melissa wiped his cum from there bodies,

Ryan was rubbing Melissa’s clit as he took her from behind and she began to orgasm and then he began to let lose!

Melissa screamed when his hot cum began to fill her ass and Ryan grunted as his cock spewed his hot seed!

Your ass is so fucking tight Melissa! Ryan moaned as his cock throbbed and shot cum up her ass!

Ohh fuck, I can feel your cock shooting cum, it’s so warm! Melissa cried out!

Ryan just kept fucking her ass as his cock came deep inside her!

He came so much again that when he pulled his cock away to thrust back in to her, streams of cum would ooze out and run down over her pussy and inner thighs!

Melissa could take no more, her screaming became louder and louder as he pumped cock and cum deeply in to her quivering ass!

Finally, Ryan collapsed on to Melissa’s back and slowly withdrew his cock from her ass!

Melissa moaned as he withdrew and the cum flowed out of her ass like a river!

The amount of cum was incredible….

After posting the want add, it was like a flurry of action

gia feet part 1

Cocks gia feet part 1 Stepbro

I was now standing completely naked in front of my teenage son, Click here. Everything is common like you friends since from primary to college life

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Date: July 22, 2021