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so me and harvey woke up the other day and we did are usual stuff anyway when harvey was making breakfast i sat infront of the mirror and kept thinking im such a fat bastard so harvey walked into are bedroom and “hey babe breakfast is ready” “im not eatting breakfast because im fat” harvey walked up to me and slapped me on my abbs and said “since when have you been fat” “since now look at me i make a sumo look anerexic” “babe really how much do you way” “154 pounds of pure fat” “154 pound im 170 pounds” “i want ice cream i may aswell get fatter”

so i walked out are bedroom and got the tube of ben and jerrys and a spoon and i put loads of it in my mouth harvey walked into the kitchen and took the tube of me and said “stop being so silly baby” “look at me” harvey sat on my lap and said “your stunning now stop being a cheer queer” “okay i will tone it down a bit but i am fat” before harvey had the chance to say anything i said “i need to go have a shave” so i was in the bathroom shaving and i cut myself and i shouted “ouch you fucking bastard” then i shouted “harvey have you been using my rasor again” harvey walked in and said “sorry baby my rasor is blunt”

then harvey said “get dressed i have your day planned” “o no no no no i have things to do i have to pick up are dry cleaning, rsvp to the dinner party we are going to, then i have to go pick up my new suit from chanel and then i have to pick up the food for my mom for her office party and finally i have to find some time to reply to the real estate agent about that place in new york so i am busy im sorry” harvey started laughting at me and said “are you finished?” “yes why” “your ladys maid is coming to do your tasks and you are free for the day” “okay where are we going” “thats a surprise” so i got dress and got ready for the day and we got into harveys car

and he drove to the most exspensive spa in la when we went inside we went to the receptionest harvey said “hey i have an appointment from mr and mr spencer” so we went and had a awesome day at the spa and i felt really fresh and fantastic i got back into the car and when harvey started driving i said “babay we are going the wrong way home” harvey took my hand and said “i know we arnt finished yet” i smiled at harvey and then i pulled out my cell and tried to ring julieta as soon as i pressed call harvey said “put it down she is more than capable to deal with your tasks” so anyway harvey drove us to a restruant that i know really well when we went in i was greated as if i was an old friend so we had a fantastic meal and went home on the way home i felt really ill when we got home i had my head in the toilet

harvey came into the bathroom and said “are you okay baby?” “do i look okay baby i have my head in a toilet i went to the spa for nothing” “can i do anything for you baby?” “stay with me” and i have to admit as gross as it must have been for harvey he did stay with me when it got to half past one in the morning harvey said to me “baby you need to try and get into bed” “i dont want to get into bed i cant stand up im to weak” “you need to sleep baby it will make you better i promise” so harvey picked me up in one of then wedding hold ways and carried me into bed and put the covers over me and sorted out a bucket where i could be sick into he said to me “try and get some sleep im going to get you some ice water for your bed side table for if you need it during the night” so harvey did what he said and he was being really sweet because even by my standards i am needy when im not well anyway it got to 3 or so in the morning and i woke up to be sick and harvey woke up to the sound i was making and he started to rub my back i managed to say to him “im sorry i didnt manage to show you how greatfull i was for today baby” harvey still rubbing my back said “its okay baby the last thing i am thinking of now is sex i want to make sure you are okay” all of a sudden i started to panic becuase i was now being sick blood and i said “baby baby its blood its blood”

harvey jumped out of bed and said “get into the car i dont care if you cant get up and get in the car now” so i did and harvey took me to the hospital and when i was seen by the doctor lucky enough for me he said all it is is me over straining my throat harvey said to the doctor “what can i do to help him doctor” and the doctor replied by saying “he needs to wear more than just the boxer shorts he has on now mr spencer ensure he has a fully body of clothes on and plenty of fluids that are still like water” so harvey took me home and i felt kinda stupid going to the hospital but i much rather be safe than sorry i dont go

when we got home i went back to bed and managed to sleep though the rest of the night and when i woke up yesterday morning harvey was awake and i felt better i said “hey baby how long you been awake?” harvey said to me “since i brought you back from the hospital” i gave harvey a well deserved kiss and said “go to sleep baby you need it”,

Duration: 57 minModel: Regina MoonPornstar Channel: Frank GunCountry: Hungary

Date: November 25, 2021