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I looked down at my now extremely hard dick and could feel myself blushing Squirt Big ass ebony.

Driving to the cabin took about three hours and finally arriving felt like heaven, When I felt him swell and he started to pound my throat even harder i knew he was close

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My heart races at the thoughts of what it is she could know, Her tongue darts in and out to meet my rhythm whilst my hands slide over the soft silk that contains her beauty…. Thank goodness she has covered up! I don’t think I could take anymore blood leaving my brain!
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i walked slowly, it felt strange not wearing heels though i was too sleepy still to fully contemplate what that meant for me

daddy was on the computer with his phone plugged into it

i could see a porn site on the screen and could hear some loud moaning coming from it, he reached behind me and pulled the tampon out and let it drop before sweeping me into his arms and walking me through to what i guess was his living room

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Date: July 12, 2021