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It all started the 23rd of December after years of being insulted, punished and abused severely for several years by the nuns, they had planned to ran away this day because is the one that the nuns were working the most, making punch, cookies, and everything for the great dinner that night and the sales of before new year, the plan was simple, escaping in the afternoon when the nuns baked everything they will go apart from the other boys, go for their backpacks and use a hole in the back wall of the yard Concha Sexy tranny from. Introductions: this is the story of Gustavo and Jose, 2 eleven year old boys living in a despot convent nursing home and the story of their escaping; it is set in a small town in Mexico, no state given as it is fiction, let us start with the description of the boys:
Gustavo “Tavo” was abandoned when baby in a basket in front of the convent, kind of clich?ut it happened, the mom was kind enough to leave the birth act, when the police went to confront her she was already dead, her boyfriend beat her till she was dead and he grew up in the nursery, he now was a thin brown skinned, dark haired boy, good in sports, especially running (could say it was essential in that place),

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Strange Lucia chaude espagnole donne son cul à Fino

does, feel…. ”
I soon had us on the highway with forty-five minutes to home

Lucia chaude espagnole donne son cul à Fino

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Date: July 12, 2021

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