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then tania come off the bathroom and ask who it was with his towel covering only his kok then he tell his friend to wait , then tania call me in his room so i went there he push the door of his room and take off his towel i can see his kok hard his 19cm, then he lay on his bed and ask me if i could give him a blowjob i reply yes it is something to ask, so i lay on he bed and start sucking his kok i was feeling so hot that in my mind i wanted to be fuck again, while i was sucking his kok i hear the door opening i didn't see who it was i continue sucking his kok i feel a hand on my ass pull off my sexy under wear and start linking my hole i feel so good that i don't stop him it was tania friend paul the he finger my ass then after a mins i could feel his kok head pushing my hole, he only say i would'nt ask you if i can fuck you ass, he knew that i want to be fuck then slowly he push his kok in i scream for pain his kok was 20cm hard and big a fat kok i told him i can't take it too big for my ass but he continue to push it in then tania pull my head and tell me to continue suck his kok , i was feeling pleasure and pain also he continue fucking me then he ask me to stand up he will fuck me so i stand up, he push his kok in my ass it was more painfull this time, he know that so he block me with his arm and fuck me faster , i don't know what happen to me i start cumming , tania was sitting and was playing with his kok, then pal reply am coming he push more deeper in my ass and cum i was in the air i could feel 10 load warm in my ass my hole was fill with his sperm, ass he pull off his kok i lay on the bed near tania then paul come near to my mouth with his kok sperm dropping off he ask me to suck it, i suck if well with his sperm over it hmmmm will sucking i could feel his sperm coming out my hole it was a sensation then i feel tania come close to me and push his kok in my ass i look at him he smile to me and push his kok in i didn't feel any pain only pleasure he start to push in and out after a min he cum in my ass he cum 3 load i could feel, then i watch the time i saw it was 16;00 o then i told them i must take a bath before i go home, as i stand up i could feel all the sperm coming out my ass it was coming down my kok my legs i feel hot i quickly ake a bath then i put my clothers then they ask me when we can met again i reply soon they smile to me then tania tell me to come one day a stay for a night i reply why not, then they both ask me how was my first time with them i reply it was good because for my first time in one day i was fuck 3 time, then we say bye i return home, when i reach home i was thing if i must go there again, one day i was surfing in the internet i saw a shemale site it was the first time i saw a shemale…. As i reach there i was afraid my first time so i knock at the door someone open the door he say yes , i ask him is it tania he reply yes, it's me jaysen, i enter in and sat in the living room we have a small drink, then he sat close to me and he was wearing a sxy dress,

Tania; what you was saying on the phone you want someone to have sex with you

Jaysen; yes i really love sucking kok but i never suck one before and i never get fuck before

As i say that he remove his dress and put my hand on his kok it was my first time i hold a kok in my hand he remove my shirt starting to kiss me every where my body i could feel his kok growing in my hand he told me to put it in my mouth it was 10cm i start sucking his kok i could feel in growing in my mouth again then he told me to stop it was now 19cm big with a red head hmmm

mature man fucks y.

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It was hot as fuck, Trust me when I tell you, that you will like what I have for you to eat,” I said with a devilish smile

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