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It was obvious that the girl being licked liked that, by the way she was writhing around as she continued to eat the blonde Freak Reality teen spunk.

I continued to let the girls run the show, because they were doing a great job of it so far, Now the blonde went over to the bed and spread her legs wide so that I could see her pussy

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Steph’s hands were on Kitten’s nude udders and her leg was between Kitten’s thighs,

‘Your friend is so hot!’ Steph replied…. That’s why we have to spank her like that

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Several guys had earned her enmity, and one had wound up with Coke all over his pants after he got too grabby with her,
The girl smiled at her and patted the chaise she was sitting on, and Christie sat down next to her

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Date: July 10, 2021