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Housewife Natasha Nice and Austin's Workout (6 min)

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Jake man that was fucking awesome brother how the hell did you do that” Kyle said putting his arm around my neck leaning against me amazed by what id just done and i had to admit to myself this was starting to feel pretty dam good i mean i was still scared as hell but maybe there was something more to this

“Kyle listen you cant tell anyone and i mean anyone about this ok i mean it this has to stay between us at least untill i find out what's happening with me

“bro calm down don't worry i got your back you can trust me but my man how did you do that i mean you blew that dam bench to peace's”

“thanks man and well i did say it was complicated didn't i” i replied smirking at Kyle

“haha complicated you can say that again my man i mean this is amazing your superhuman bro” Kyle remarked with a childish look on his face but before i even had time to reply Kyle all we herd was a voice screaming at us not to move so loud that it echoed in our ear drums as i turned to see who it was all i saw a cop carrying a flash light running towards us “uh Jake i think we should run” i said with concerned tone “uh yeah im with you run” Kyle shouted grabbing my backpack and his we both sprinted to railing as fast as we possibly could until we couldn't see the flash light or the cop in sight but we new we couldn't wait around so we both jumped back over the gate making sure nobody noticed

“haha ok dude see now this is fun man we have to do this again bro” Kyle said in laughing fit but i wasn't going to argue it did bring a smile to my face for once

“haha well my brother this has been fun but i should be heading home but listen dude meet me tomorrow morning at 8 we need to talk more and we can see what else you got ok superman” Kyle remarked before bursting out with laughter before his phone started to ring “i have to be some where man but ill see you at 8 my brother” and just like that he was gone sprinting down the street and i soon followed running down the road to my house but while i did i noticed i was moving faster than id ever thought i could move and at the same time getting faster and quicker this thing what ever it was did have a lot of benefits but at the same time what if it went out of control how would i controlee it but to control it i needed to understand it so i decided id have to do some research there had to be something some where that might help me even though its going to be nightmare,

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Date: November 23, 2021