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“Would you mind?” she said, looking at Sam and holding Czar’s leash Brunette Comadre. The dog-slave was breathing heavily, snorting through his nose his stubby legs shifting and twitching as he fought for breath, They were obviously effective too; both the dog-slaves at their feet remained docile and in position, their tails wagging as they obviously knew was expected

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I’d been in here before with clients, I understand and, truthfully, I agree…. I have a lunch date with Harrison at one and I’m sure he’ll fire your sorry ass when he hears about this

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, It slid down past, and immediately, I motioned back upward

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” Alice blanched, ”

“Oh, goody,” Janet grinned, grabbing the toy and shoving the end that had been in my pussy into her own, I brought it to my lips, licking the sour musk from the end of the toy, savoring the taste of her asshole,

Fuck he was good, Finally, the third of the little niche group Jenny, she was a stunning redhead, she had pale skin and faint freckles, The pleasure was too much for her little body

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She was wild and wanton immersed in the pleasure of this violation, She slid her tongue against his smooth shaft while she swallowed against his tip, milking him with hungry desperation

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Date: June 15, 2021