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Finally I take a hold of is huge cock and lift it up and begin to lick the underside of it from his balls to the rim of its huge head Petite Teen Stepsister. I stopped by his house on a Tuesday morning to pick him up to go to my gym, The whole time during our workout both of us had semi erect cocks that were not hidden very well

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She already had cum all down her chin and chest so she had clearly not been idle whilst I had been enjoying myself, She looked so erotic as her legs were splayed and her rear proudly pointed out and up so that her shaved pussy was open and on full view…. I’m happy with cocks of all sizes and don’t necessarily crave a big one but Anthony and I have fucked many times in the past and I knew how good his was as it is about as thick as a can of cola!

I was already well lubricated so he had no trouble getting it in though and he delivered a glorious slow fuck which bounced me through another series of orgasms causing me to clench and twitch my inner muscles as I milked that wonderful lump of meat

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About 20 minutes he told me I was sweating and to take off my shirt and I did, We lived in an apartment and one afternoon my dad’s friend Ron called and said he wanted me to stop by to help him move around some furniture

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Date: June 27, 2021