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I grasped the back of Victor’s head and made out with him aggressively jumping

into his arms having his hands grasp my ass cheeks under my cloak pulling my pyjama pants from underneath me exposing my bare ass cheeks he dumped me on the sofa and brought his face to my pussy smooshing his face into my pussy I could feel his tongue licking places that i never thought existed he was hitting all the right

spots i shuddered at his tongue moving around my insides i couldn’t take it anymore i needed his cock in me Sex Blonde Denisa.

I searched for Victor around the school grounds, I made my way down the main staircase till I heard somebody call my name, just as I turned around I was faced with Victor aiming his wand at me I immediately went to draw my wand but it was to little to late Victor stunned me with the patricitrous totallis spell freezing me in my tracks I was still aware of what was going on around me I assumed Victor only did this to me so he could have his way with me but instead he dragged me outside school grounds near the black lake and that’s when I passed out, Hermione left to go to her next period at Hogwarts she could hear a faint voice coming from down the hall getting closer to her she turned to see a student from the Durnstrangs coming towards her as she got a closer look at him she saw it was Victor Krum it was no lie that Hermione was cruising on him big time not for all his glory as the seeker on his Bulgarian Quidditch team or his high standing in his school but just the beauty of a strong man wanting anything to do with her was blushing enough for her what did he want she thought she greeted him with a shy hello while playing with her hair and facing the ground trying not to look like a total dork he asked the most impossible question

“would you like to go to the Yule Ball with me?”

i was overcome with affection and surprise i just didn’t know how to answer him he placed a finger on my lips

“don’t answer now meet me at my quarters after lights out” he whispered as he left my heart felt like he was going to burst out of my chest my cheeks were blushing so hard they were burning my face why would somebody like him want somebody like me to go to an event such as the yule ball with somebody of my low popularity standing

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Let me guess, you wanted to see if I was awake or not and wanted to see what my reaction would be? I asked through my laughter

Errrmm, her breaths coming in spates as she fought to keep control…. I wasn't too far myself as I felt that all too familiar feeling bubbling up in my balls and soon I couldn't control myself as with each thrust my cock seemed to grow in girth and after a few more thrusts I thrust for the last time holding myself as deep as I could while shooting my load deep into her womb



The men in armor alone outnumbered the king's army three to one, Click here. Ikuno finished undressing and kicked her clothes to the side

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Date: July 10, 2021