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-what ? I said, it looked like the crazy night it wasn’t over and as soon as I said what she slapped my face hard, and than I started licking her feet , than she said me to stop and to listen Cougars FIT18 – Bailey.

Than Ann sit down and Emily said lets roll again and this time it was again me and Ann ,and Emily said Ann to touch my ass and I agreed,

-Are u always like this when u loose?, said Emily

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Gay Pov She wants sex, rough sex

But it was unusual as Mom tend to reamin at home,

“See you better do not make any excuses and let me play with your tits….

I ran upstairs thinking that theif is in our home and kicked open the door

She wants sex, rough sex

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“How?” How what I wondered?

Now, her voice more certain, “Yeah, Click here.

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Date: July 13, 2021