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He would take this bitch for his pet he thought to himself as he grabbed her wrists pinning them hard against the cracked altar Fresh. With one swift motion he brought the collar up to her neck quickly forcing it around her neck while his lips crushed hers and devoured her mouth, He growled in delight as he gave her a little shake before slamming her back down upon the altar with all his might

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He groaned deeply and his eyes did their best impression of demon possession as they rolled up into the back of his head,

“Why don't you come in here and join me?” she asked seductively she watched as he quickly stripped off his clothing, nearly falling over in his haste to remove his socks…. All at once she felt the rush of molten cum inside of her as he came


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I always believed what happened between my father and I so many years back was our big family secret, Click here. Finally I cried out:

“Come on dad…fuck your daughter! Cum in your little girl’s cunt!”

As I was about to cum my father groaned as if in agony, and I felt his warm sperm shoot up inside of me again and again

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Date: July 9, 2021