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With her fucked up like this, that won’t work Handjobs Horny Babe. Most people travelling between the island and the mainland chose the ferry,

I don’t really want her for conversation

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instinctively I let out a small growl of appreciation, that was my first mistake, Then took my fingertips and gently pushed his hard cock upright while I lowered my wide open mouth straight down over his cock, without even touching it, Just exhaling warm air His cock stirred more…. it was to much to handle I lost all control all I wanted was him inside me now

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Then it struck me I wanted to “make love” to her, that was something I normally reserved for more serious partners, “having sex” was how I usually viewed torrid, passionate affairs with lovers, both stimulating and fulfilling, the sex satisfying a mutual need, what was it that made me think in terms of love? Good looks, sure as hell hadn't affected me before ! I thought about what it was about her, I couldn't put my finger on any one thing but my feelings toward her were anything but casual, this worried me a little I didn't want ties and had managed to stay out of serious relationships for well over 2 years now, still she was married so it didn't matter how I felt anyway,

I roughly towelled myself dry and returned to the bedroom, I picked up our things and carefully laid them across a chair I looked at her, naked except for the black stockings and the butterfly, the room had a subtle smell of sex, female arousal, which was in itself stimulating

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Date: July 14, 2021