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Reaching between my knelt legs, the head then scooped up some of the pre-cum that had puddled on the floor with his fingers and began smearing it between my crack, gradually grazing my puckered anus with his nails and massaging the fluid into the hole until it started to respond, the sphincter muscles relaxing until he could just insert the end of his forefinger inside, It was with great relief that I felt the head finally withdraw his cock from within me as I felt like he was going to split me in two, however my ordeal was not quite over as I was now presented with my master’s spent cock directly in front of my face…. “Just be a good little chap and consider how you can repay me

Waka Ninomiya Naked exercises

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Anyways back to this new expierance that happend a couple weeks back, Click here. I told him to stop and getdressed and leave my bedroom or at least i thought i had said that

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Date: July 13, 2021